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05 Dec 2013, Posted by admin in Store Products

Large Tortoise Boar Bristle Brush  SKU# 61  $93.00
Oval Tortoise Brush with Nylon Pins inside the Bristle  SKU# 3441  $65.00
Oval Tortoise Brush with Small Ball Bristle Tips (soft)  SKU# 3691  $59.00

For everyday brushing

• Manufactured in Italy since 1930, imported exclusively by Joseph Cozza Salon
• Handmade with traditional precision and quality craftsmanship
• A favorite of our stylists and customers for over 18 years
• Padded bases match the contour of the head and gently massage
• Perfect for that straight, flat look, gently protects from pulling—wet or dry
• Designed to last—5 years or more, with proper care


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