Revive Your Hair With Malibu Cleansing

23 Nov 2016, Posted by Candice Oliver in Style Blog

As a San Francisco salon that’s recognized as one of the best in the land, Joseph Cozza Salon is committed to helping you look and feel your absolute best. Our incredible team of talented and experienced stylists and estheticians work closely with each of our clients to create the perfect look that matches their unique lifestyle and personality.

Prepare Your Hair For The Winter Months

As the season is changing and we move towards the colder months of the year, it is time to prepare your hair to look its very best. Many people don’t realize that mineral buildup and deposits on hair can be caused by pool chlorine, hot tub use, and simply using hot or warm water to wash your hair. These everyday activities can open your hair cuticle allowing minerals to attach themselves to the protein in your hair. For example, if you take a close look at your shower head, you might notice a white ring or spots on it which are minerals that have attached themselves to the nozzle. Calcium, copper, iron, lead, and magnesium can cause buildup on the scalp, resulting in flaking that’s akin to dandruff. This blocks natural hair growth and also causes your hair to look dry, brassy and brittle to the touch.

Malibu Cleansing – The Ultimate Solution To Mineral Buildup

Joseph Cozza Salon has a remedy for mineral buildup and deposits just in time for fall and winter. Malibu Cleansing is a new service we offer that will immediately rid the hair and scalp of buildup due to mineral deposits. It is easy, and doesn’t require return visits to get your hair back to its natural state. Malibu Cleansing is also ideal for prepping hair for color, perms and relaxers as it removes minerals and other impurities that have absorbed into the hair strands. Once the treatment is finished and the buildup is gone, the hair can then better accept the color, perm or relaxer treatment.

Book an Appointment for Malibu Cleansing

In addition to being San Francisco’s favorite go-to salon for exceptional women’s haircuts and styling, Joseph Cozza Salon in Union Square offers all the salon services you’d expect from a leading salon including but not limited to hair design, hair color, nail services, skin care and waxing. We’re very pleased to add Malibu Cleansing to our salon repertoire to help with the health, appearance and feel of your hair. Malibu Cleansing is a 30-minute treatment and costs just $50, making it a great investment for a glamorous look. Book an appointment today
to set up a time to visit us for your Malibu Cleansing treatment. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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