Custom Hairpieces & Wigs in San Francisco

Having a full head of luxurious hair is no longer a privilege reserved for some. At Joseph Cozza Salon, we believe everyone has the right to beautiful hair no matter the circumstances effecting the follicles. Our dedication to serving clients in the most sensitive and conscientious way is why we have some of the top wig and hairpiece stylists in San Francisco. Our senior stylist, David Lassman, has been styling hairpieces for over 30 years and is one of the top referred stylists from reputable hairpiece providers.

Along with his favorite hairpiece colorist, Zanna, David has styled hundreds of wigs and offers a variety of services in a semi-private, or completely private, setting.

Custom Wigs & Hairpieces Prices at Maiden Lane fromPrices at Market Street from
Hairpiece ConsultationComplimentary(Maiden Lane Only)
Hairpiece Cut & StyleQuoted(Maiden Lane Only)
Hairpiece ColorQuoted(Maiden Lane Only)
Hairpiece Maintenance & StylingQuoted(Maiden Lane Only)
Hairpiece Special Occasion StylingQuoted(Maiden Lane Only)
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