21 Jan 2014, Posted by admin in Store Products

Clarisonic PRO Sonic Skin Cleansing SKU# $240.00

Clarisonic Brush Head, single SKU#38131 $25.00

Clarisonic Brush Head, twin pack SKU#44041 $40.00

PRO Sonic Skin Cleansing and Replacement Brushes

• If you don’t already have a Clarisonic Cleansing device (you don’t?), we’ve got the exclusive PRO version for you—available at skin care salons only
• When it’s time to replace your brush head (every 3 months is recommended), we’ve got you covered:
Normal Brush Head provides an invigorating cleansing experience for clear, unblemished, non-sensitive skin.
Sensitive Brush Head provides a gentle yet thorough cleanse, ideal for most skin types, including sensitive and combination skin
Delicate Brush Head is extra gentle and plush for delicate skin prone to irritation and dehydration.
Body Brush Head smoothes skin and reduces dry patches. Only for use with the Clarisonic PLUS and PRO.

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